It Works!

I will always remember the click that saved my life. I was on my computer when a small ad caught my eye. I remember the date- July 13, 2013- and the words that inspired me. "'See results in as little as 45 minutes,'" I recall of that moment. "I listened to my inner voice and it told me, "If this does what they say it does, everyone will want it.'"

That little voice was right. Looking back, I realize I didn't find It Works!-it found me. "When you have your hands on something that really works, you can't help but share it. 

The greatest gift, is total control of my schedule, choosing when I want to work and where. It's Freedom! I dream bigger and it helps us show our children to dream bigger. Putting my team members onto that path of freedom is what keeps us motivated. My fulfiment come from other people success. 

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